ENG – Kimchi Bambi Circle Lense

My notebook (laptop) back from repair!! ☆ *:… o (≧ ▽ ≦) o…: * ☆

I can finally return to writing here on the blog (although I am not very good with it … hihi ~! (* / ∇ \ *))

Anyway today I decided to write about something that I really love ♡ ^ ▽ ^ ♡, circle lenses!! Currently I have 4 different circle lenses (red, green, gray and brown are the colors that I have at the moment), this post I will write about the first one I bought, the Kimchi Bambi brown from the brand Kimchi.

When I saw it in the site I fell completely, although it confused me a bit             (」゚ ヘ ゚)」   on the color (each one is more beautiful than other), also quite liked the price, just pay unto $ 19.00 with the shipping (for Brazil) $ 25.00 in total.
Compared to other circle lenses I have, if I had to give a grade of 1 ~ 5 for Kimchi Bambi lens … Probably a serious note 4, after all she is comfortable (rarely bothers me, but I imagine it’s my mistake to put it there.) And the effect of it is wonderful (even without makeup)!!



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