Linda Sansei (リンダ Ⅲ 世)

Hi hi~! (=^u^=)

Hoje eu vi o vídeo da girlband LindaSansei (リンダ Ⅲ 世)

Eu amei a música, achei viciante e super divertido para se ouvi! (^ u^) y

Também gostei do fato delas serem brasileiras  ^ ^

No final do poste, vocês podem ver o vídeo delas!


Hi hi~! (=^u^=)

Today, I saw this video of the girlband LindaSansei (リンダ Ⅲ 世)
I loved the music and I found addictive, super fun to hear! (^ u^) y
I also really liked the fact that they are Brazilian like me ^ ^ (though I’m older than them a few years …)

Well, here is the video of them! 


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